PUF Sandwich Panel are metal faced with an insulated core. Polyurethane foam or PUF sandwich panel offer a perfect solution for roof and wall paneling, room partitions, etc. PUF sandwich panel is highly popular for its diverse application. It is economical as well as environment friendly.
Sandwich panel provides high thermal insulation by means of PUR, PIR, EPS and Mineral Wool insulation materials. Thermal insulation with sandwich panels prevents problems such as mold and humidity resulting from heat movements and condensation, and ensures your building to be robust and long-lasting.
PUF panels are resistant to extreme weathers such as winds, rainfall or snow and can keep the indoors protected from environmental effects. They are also resistant to corrosion so this kind of structure requires less maintenance as it can withstand adverse climates.
The longevity of sandwich panels depends on designing to choose the right technical specification of product components according to the needs of the building, the environment and climate conditions in which it is located.
The lightness of sandwich panels allows you to gain advantage with regards to transport and main building costs. Also, their maintenance costs are low thanks to their durable structure.In brief, sandwich panel is both a fast and aesthetic solution and budget-friendly for its longevity
Sound insulation is a must in order to minimize the harmful effects of noise on humans, to leave out the unwanted sounds, and to reduce the sound spreading around from noisy areas.