PVC False Ceilling Planks

PVC False Ceiling Planks or also known as Poly Vinyl Chloride Planks are Interior decorative materials used for both domestic and commercial spaces. These PVC Planks are excessively used as a False ceiling and Wall Cladding material. These Planks can be installed horizontally, vertically, diagonally or across any adjacent planes at any angle to curvatures. PVC planks come in a variety of patterns and colours such as Teak Wood, Pine Wood and White. When compared to Plywood and Laminate, these planks are very cost-effective and give the same level of appearance. Apart from that, PVC Planks are highly water resistant which makes it an excellent decorative material for Living Rooms, Kitchens, Washrooms, Foyer Area, Balconies etc.

Features of PVC Planks


PVC Planks require require very little maintenance unlike other forms of False Ceiling. They require minimum amount of cleaning and can be cleaned with water as well unlike Gypsum Board False Ceiling. They can also be removed and reinstalled easily causing very little damage to the Planks.


PVC Ceiling Planks are availalbe in a standard length and are easily installed due to it interlocking slotted system. These Planks do not require any kind of adhesive or heavy machinery during installation. Thus, making the installation process very quick and easy.


The light weight property of PVC Planks not only makes it very easy to install but also can be transported and shifted without any difficulty. These PVC Planks can be installed on any given surface whether it being on the ceiling or walls. They can also be cut into any shape or size giving unlimited designing possibilities.


PVC Planks are basically made from plastic which makes it highly resistant towards water and moisture. They do not get damaged even if the plank is submerged in water for a very long time making it an excellent alternative when compared to the conventional Gypsum Board False ceiling.


PVC Planks are highly resistant towards moisture, moss and humidity. Making it an ideal material for both commercial and residential spaces such Living Rooms, Kitchens, Foyer area, Balconies, Gym room, Conference rooms etc


PVC Wall and Ceiling Planks are highly durable in nature. Unlike other False ceiling materials, they do not fade, warp or bend over time. The sturdiness of PVC Planks makes them a long lasting material even with very little maintenance.

Applications of PVC Planks

PVC Plank is an excellent material that can be used in the construction of False ceiling. They can be used in unlimited posibilities in order to make the space elegant and stylish. Common practice involoves the combination of PVC Planks and Gypsum Board false ceiling. Their light weight property helps in Non-load bearing areas as well.