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20+ Years Experience In Eco-Friedly, Energy Saving Solutions.

World over people need an energy, which is clean, efficient and free, products which care for future environment and even nation's interest , many natural resources are being exhausted day by day in pursuit of energy.
On the other hand we are surrounded by unlimited renewable energy sources like wind, water, sun etc. We believe that energy saved is energy gained. Energy saved by one industry helps many more homes to be energy lit. Judicious use of energy saves Money, improves productivity, increases profits.
We at V Das look out for innovative solutions in energy saving. Our areas of working are Natural Ventilation, Natural Lightning, Puf Insulation,various roofing solutions like polycarbonate sheets, UPVC sheets , standing seam etc and Solar Power.

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Energy Saved Is Energy Gained

Natural Ventilation

To take care of heat, dust and smoke without any power.

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Natural Lighting

To strive for natural light during the day time

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Sandwich Puf Panel

Insulation Puf Panel sheet for power plants and cold storage.

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UPVC Sheets

Insulation Puff Panel sheet for power plants and cold storage.

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PVC Sheets

PVC False Ceiling Planks or also known as Poly Vinyl Chloride Planks.

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Polycarbonate Sheet

Reducing heat build up in by improving resistance to radiation

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Complete Industrial & Commercial Energy Saving Systems

23Years Of Experience with various industry verticals.

Textiles, steel, Plastic, cement ,minerals, paints, farma, etc.

Domain Knowledge of technologies in

Energy Efficiency

Strategic Partnership with industry leaders for proper solutions

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